10 Trails that Will Make You Fall in Love with Crested Butte Hiking

Hiking is a beloved pastime for many reasons! This refreshing physical activity clears the mind, relieves stress, and creates a more positive attitude. If you’re looking for the best place for a rejuvenating hike, filled with gorgeous scenery and breathtaking natural features, Crested Butte, Colorado, is the ideal destination for you. This area is bursting with countless trails and wilderness areas, each one containing their own unique components and landmarks. Discover some of the best trails on the Crested Butte hiking map to help you start planning your grand escape to the great outdoors today!

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10 of the Best Trails for Crested Butte Hiking

1. Snodgrass Trail

One of the most enjoyable Crested Butte hiking trails, Snodgrass Trail is conveniently located near town to create an easy and fun outdoor experience. This 3.6-mile-long trail features thick aspen trees and panoramic views of Mt. Crested Butte; it’s also a great spot for Crested Butte mountain biking. It does close seasonally, so check their available dates before you visit.  

2. West Maroon Pass

A popular summer hike, West Maroon Pass offers some of the finest views of colorful Crested Butte wildflowers! This path is fairly easy, though it does have a strenuous stretch towards the end that will reward you with incredible views from all directions. West Maroon Pass is about 8 miles long and leads you to Aspen, CO.  

3. Caves Trail

The Caves Trail has to be one of the most thrilling Crested Butte trails! Here, you can explore the Cement Creek Valley and its many hidden caves. This is a more advanced trail with many steep climbs and should only be traversed by experienced hikers.  

4. Judd Falls

Judd Falls in Crested Butte is a favorite spot on the Crested Butte hiking map. A quick and easy trail, you’ll be treated to beautiful views along the way and a waterfall at the end! The Judd Falls Trail is close to town and has a convenient parking lot to provide you with a perfect day in the great outdoors of Colorado.

5. Mt. Crested Butte Summit

This is one of the most difficult trails in Crested Butte, CO, but also one of the most satisfying! The magnificent peak that gave this town its name, Mt. Crested Butte offers some of the most breathtaking views in the region. Take the Silver Queen lift or hike the entire way; the terrain is difficult, but the results are priceless.

6. Trail 403

Great for Crested Butte mountain biking, Trail 403 is ideal for the experienced outdoorsman. It’s short but steep and offers spectacular views of the Washington Gulch spread below. It offers great wildflower displays during spring as well!

7. Three Lakes Trail

Winding through the Dollar Lake, Lost Lake, and Lost Lake Slough, the Three Lakes Trail is a peaceful and beautiful part of Crested Butte. It also offers great mountain views and a waterfall. It’s a very easy trail and only takes a couple hours.

8. Green Lake Trail

Popular with mountain bikers and trail runners, the Green Lake Trail stretches for about 7.5 miles total and features a gorgeous lake view! This is a lesser-known trail, so you won’t meet many others along the way.

9. Copper Creek Trail

You’re bound to see plenty of nature along the Copper Creek Trail! This particular route is moderate in difficulty; it features both a lake and a waterfall, so you can cool off after an exciting day of hiking.

10. Scarp Ridge Trail

This beautiful, secluded trail features a river, creek, and wildflowers. You’ll fall in love with the views located along the Scarp Ridge Trail, so start planning your adventure today.

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