Treat Yourself to a Day of Fun at the Crested Butte Adventure Park

If you want your vacation to be filled with adrenaline, challenges, and fun, the mountain town of Crested Butte should be your number one choice!  This area is home to the beloved Crested Butte Mountain Resort, which offers endless opportunities for recreation in the great outdoors all year long.  More than just a ski resort, this attraction also contains the Crested Butte Adventure Park, which offers both summer and winter activities.  Discover everything there is to do at this exciting place and add it to your itinerary today!

4 Things to Do in the Crested Butte Adventure Park

  1. Climb

Strap on your harness and see if you can make it to the top of the Crested Butte Adventure Park climbing wall!  This challenge contains 6 varying levels of difficulty, all of which total 28 feet in height, so climbers of all ages will be able to enjoy this feature.  An auto-belay system is also available, making this activity more accessible.  

  1. Jump

There are a couple different ways you can jump and soar around in the Crested Butte Adventure Park.  The Coke Zero Gravity Bag Jump is a favorite activity of all ages.  Choose from jumping from a 24-foot or 32-foot platform onto a huge, inflated bag and see how far you can fly!  You can also experience a thrill like never before by trying the Bungee Jumping Trampoline!

  1. Tube

Snow tubing in Crested Butte can only be enjoyed in the Crested Butte Adventure Park during the winter and it is definitely an activity you don’t want to skip!  Rocket down the snowy slopes at breakneck speeds when you take part in this lift-serviced tubing in Crested Butte; this is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things to do in Crested Butte in winter.  

  1. Play

Even more fun things to do can be found here in this paradise of the mountains.  Play mini-golf on their entertaining course to see if you can make a hole-in-one on Gopher Alley!  Kids can even search for buried treasure at the Tin Cup Mining Company, a feature that celebrates Colorado’s rich gold mining history.  You can buy a one-pound bag of dirt so your little one can learn how to search for gemstones and other precious commodities!  

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