Your Kids Will Love These Amazing Crested Butte Summer Camps

If you’re planning a family vacation to Colorado, you’ll want to make sure your kids have the best possible experience! Luckily, there are kinds of fun things for kids to do here in Colorado, particularly in the town of Crested Butte, CO. One of the best ways your youngsters can enjoy themselves to the fullest during the trip is to attend one of the many Crested Butte summer camps held around town. Your kids will love learning new skills in a fun environment while spending time with other kids their age. Discover some of the best Crested Butte summer camps for your kids so they can have an unforgettable Colorado vacation this year!

Some of the Best Crested Butte Summer Camps

1. Camp Crested Butte

Your kids are guaranteed to fall in love with Camp CB. Hosted by the Crested Butte Mountain Resort, this camp is designed for ages 3-14 and features activities like nature walks, lift rides, and a variety of sports. They’ll also be able to spend time in the incredible Crested Butte Adventure Park when they sign up for Camp CB!

2. Mountain Adventures Crested Butte

Also hosted by the CMBR, Mountain Adventures Crested Butte is another reason to take a family vacation to Colorado this summer! Created for ages 7-14, this camp takes adventure to a whole new level. Kids can try activities like hiking, climbing, paddle boarding, fishing, mountain biking, and much more. This camp is bound to enhance your child’s outdoor knowledge and skills- and they’re going to a have a fantastic time doing it!

3. Trailhead Children’s Museum Camps

In addition to offering some fascinating exhibits, the Trailhead Children’s Museum also hosts a summer camp for kids with free time during their vacation from school. Kids will get the opportunity to learn all about art, science, and culture in a hands-on, interactive environment. They’ll also be able to learn about Native American culture in a way that they’ll both enjoy and understand. The Trailhead Children’s Museum takes kids as young as three years old for their School Break Camps, so enroll your little ones today!

Where to Stay During Your Colorado Family Vacation

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