Here are Some of the Best Colorado Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries

The state of Colorado offers endless possibilities for the trip of a lifetime.  With their outstanding hiking, excellent restaurants, and one-of-a-kind bars, this paradise out West is bound to steal your heart immediately.  If you’re looking for the best breweries to visit in Colorado, your choices are many; there are also numerous wineries and distilleries that are worth your time as well.  Check out our guide to the best Colorado breweries, wineries, and distillers to help you start planning your dream vacation today.  

5 of the Best Colorado Breweries, Wineries, and Distillers

  1. The Eldo Brewery and Taproom

One of the finest breweries near Crested Butte, CO, The Eldo Brewery and Taproom is a must on any Colorado brewery tours.  In addition to their wide selection of delicious beers, burgers, and sandwiches, they are most well-known for their amazing concert venue.  Come out to this brewery to see local bands perform while you enjoy a fantastic dinner paired with the perfect brew.

  1. Dillon Dam Brewery

Make sure to visit the Dillon Dam Brewery while you’re adventuring through Colorado, as it’s the number one largest brewpub in the Rocky Mountains!  This enormous establishment offers a warm, welcoming environment with its abundant space and mouthwatering meals.  Their handcrafted lagers and ales encompass a wide range of different variations; whether you’re craving the light, crisp taste of a wheat or you prefer the rich, sweet essence of a stout, Dillon Dam Brewery has exactly what you desire.  

  1. Black Bridge Winery

A family-owned vineyard, Black Bridge Winery specializes in unique and flavorful wines, made of the carefully nurtured and cultivated grapes grown on the nearby Orchard Valley Farms.  With a cozy tasting room and beautiful property, this is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon in Colorado!  Stop by to sample some of their amazing rieslings, reds, chardonnays, and much more.

  1. Montanya Distillers

If you love rum, Montanya Distillers is the ideal destination for you!  This amazing Crested Butte distillery features American craft rums, created with the finest techniques and ingredients.  Check out their tasting bar or take a tour while you’re in this phenomenal place.  

  1. Stone Cottage Cellars

You’ll immediately fall in love with this picturesque vineyard in the colossal mountains of Colorado.  The stunning Stone Cottage Cellars offers samples of their award-winning wines in their tasting room, open daily.  Stroll around their lush vineyard or enjoy a delectable dinner in their kitchen. 

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