Everything You Need to Know about the Kebler Pass

The state of Colorado is overflowing with remarkable things to do and see!  In addition to its numerous breweries and fascinating museums, Colorado is one of the best states to experience some unforgettable outdoor recreation.  Countless hiking, biking, and driving trails wind throughout Colorado’s many gorgeous natural features.  One spot you don’t want to skip is the majestic Kebler Pass.  Discover what makes this place so special and add it to your vacation itinerary today!

Everything You Need to Know about the Kebler Pass

What It Is

This iconic Colorado attraction is a road near the mountain town of Crested Butte that stretches through 30 miles of stunning Colorado scenery.  Winding past ancient coal mining camps, aspen groves, and other charming small towns, this route draws visitors and locals alike with its amazing views and enjoyable activities.

When You Should Visit

Fall is the best time to see the Kebler Pass, as its fall colors are glorious.  This area is closed during the winter months due to heavy snowfall, which is usually mid-October to mid-June.  Snowmobiling is permitted here during this time, however, for those who are looking for a thrill!

Things to Do in Kebler Pass

Hiking: Several Kebler Pass hiking trails are waiting for you here!  Lost Lake Trail and Dyke Trail are wonderful options as they provide excellent views of fall colors and the surrounding aspen trees.  This is a frequently traveled route for those coming from Crested Butte, CO, to Aspen, CO.  

Biking: A bike ride from Crested Butte to Kebler Pass is a beloved activity!  This popular route is roughly 7 miles in length and contains both paved and dirt road.  You’ll love this fun climb to the breathtaking beauty of Kebler Pass!

Driving: This is a prime spot for a scenic drive in Colorado, especially during the autumn season.  Kebler Pass is renowned for its spectacular fall colors as the weather grows cooler.  Take a drive down this high mountain pass to admire the incredible vibrant fall foliage that paints this area.  

If you’re searching for more alluring spots in Colorado to admire its one-of-a-kind magnificence, make sure to visit the Schofield Pass and Ohio Pass as well!  Don’t forget your camera so you can snap some incredible photos to commemorate your adventure.  

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