How to Find the Best Crested Butte Bike Rentals

Those seeking adventure on their next vacation should look no further than the incredible state of Colorado.  Although it’s widely known as the “best ski town in the U.S.,” Crested Butte, Colorado, is an ideal destination for numerous other activities as well!  Mountain biking is also a beloved sport here. Crested Butte contains an abundance of thrilling trails featuring breathtaking views and varying levels of difficulty to provide an amazing day in the great outdoors of Colorado.  Since bringing your own bike isn’t always easy, there are many fantastic places to go for high-quality Crested Butte bike rentals, so you can ensure you have the most reliable equipment for your outing.  Learn where to go for your Crested Butte bike rentals to help you start planning your ultimate getaway today.

4 of the Best Places for Crested Butte Bike Rentals

1. Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven

An excellent store that sells, repairs, and rents the finest bikes, Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven is an outstanding option for Crested Butte equipment rentals.  They have a wide variety of bikes to provide with plenty of options for your day exploring the many Crested Butte bike trails.

2. The Alpineer

Prepare for the best day of climbing and coasting down Crested Butte bike trails by renting the perfect mountain bike for you!  The Alpineer offers hourly and daily rentals for a wide spectrum of different bikes.  Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride down a smooth path or an intense journey up a mountain, this place has what you’re looking for.

3. Crested Butte Sports

You might be in need of a bike for just a few hours… or maybe a few days!  No matter what, Crested Butte Sports can help you find bike rentals that match your needs.  Their professional staff will recommend the ideal bike for you so you can enjoy mountain biking in Crested Butte safely and comfortably.

4. Handlebar Bike Shop

This shop is always getting the latest and greatest gear so their customers will be treated to the finest Crested Butte equipment rentals.  Choose from the Handlebar Bike Shop’s extensive bike collection and ask the expert staff for advice on which of the Crested Butte bike trails you should try riding first.

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