5 of the Best Trails for Crested Butte Mountain Biking

Nothing can beat the thrill of coasting through the fresh, mountain air on the seat of a bike!  Mountain biking is a beloved pastime of many avid outdoorsmen, especially in Crested Butte, Colorado.  This beautiful mountain town has all the ingredients for an incredible day outside on your bike: breathtaking scenery, wonderful weather, and countless trails of varying difficulty.  Discover some of the best trails for Crested Butte mountain biking and start planning your next big adventure out West in the great outdoors of Colorado.

5 Fantastic Trails for Exciting Crested Butte Mountain Biking

  1. Lupine Trail

This is a favorite trail of many mountain bikers due to its easy course and close proximity to town.  Hop on the Lupine Trail for excellent views of downtown Crested Butte and the Slate River Valley.  You’ll be treated to vibrant displays of color if you visit this trail during the spring and fall months!  Navigating through the thick aspens and soaring past fields of wildflowers are just a few highlights you’ll experience here on this 3.6 mile-long trail.

  1. Doctors Park

A slightly more challenging path, Doctors Park is an intermediate mountain biking trail in Crested Butte that stretches 9.7 miles through some of Colorado’s most picturesque scenery.  This particular trail offers a heart-racing descent that finishes at the beautiful Taylor River.  You can choose from shuttling or riding this trail as a loop.  

  1. Strand Hill

The Strand Hill mountain biking trail in Crested Butte features intense climbs rewarded by exhilarating drops!  Open three seasons out of every year, mountain bikers adore this 9.2 mile-long trail for its lovely aspens and intermediate difficulty.  

  1. Brush Creek Trail

Another laid back ride that outdoorsmen love, the Brush Creek Trail in Crested Butte provides some of the most colorful views of wildflowers in all of Colorado; it’s even accessible all year long.  You’ll be treated to a refreshing view of a gushing waterfall on this 3-mile trail and you can even bring your dog along to appreciate all the fun!

  1. Trail 401

A trail designed for more advanced bikers, Trail 401 is a longer course that requires more skill and experience.  It encompasses approximately 13.7 miles of Crested Butte landscape and involves steep climbs and swift drops, but you’ll eventually be rewarded by jaw-dropping views of the Gothic Valley and the Elk Mountains and heart-racing descents down many slopes. It is considered by many to be one of the top singletrack trails in the country!

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