Wondering What to Wear Skiing? Here Are the Top 5 Must-Have Items!

If you’re trying skiing for the first time, you will be astounded by the thrilling and breathtaking nature of this amazing outdoor winter sport.  Crested Butte, CO, is the ideal destination for both new and experienced skiers; known as the “Last Great Colorado Ski Town,” this gorgeous gem tucked away in the West Elk Mountains contains numerous ski trails that range from easy to challenging skill levels.  New skiers visiting Crested Butte may be excited to hit the slopes but aren’t sure of what to wear their first time skiing.  Check out our list below of must-have items to wear skiing to help you start preparing to become a skiing champion!

Wondering What to Wear Skiing?  Here Are the Top 5 Must-Have Items!

  1. Lots of Layers

In order to brave the cold, you’ll have to wrap your lower body, mid body, and upper body in multiple layers!  The bottom layer of ski outfits should be made of a material that effectively wicks moisture from your body, so start with tightly-fitting tee shirt and pants made of polypropylene or a similar fabric.  Next, add a fleece jacket and/or vest for insulation; you’ll want something breathable that still retains heat.  Your ski pants should be waterproof and, if possible, slightly padded (in case you take a tumble on the slopes)!  The same goes for your outer coat as well.  Finally, slip on a good pair of wool socks (not cotton) before lacing up your ski boots.  Your feet will be pretty snug inside these boots, so avoid thick socks; you’ll want to be able to wiggle your toes!

  1. Hat and Gloves

You lose a majority of your body heat from your hands and your head, so pull on a knit hat to keep your noggin toasty.  Some hats come with an attached scarf as well, which is an option you may want to consider if you’re skiing in very cold conditions.  Gloves are a must-have accessory as well, so purchase a pair that is insulating and waterproof.

  1. Goggles

Keeping your eyes safe is essential during your skiing excursions.  There are a wide variety of goggles out there: simple single lenses, double lenses that prevent internal fogging, curved lenses that supply better peripheral vision, and much more.  Do some research and shop around to find the perfect pair; vision is everything when skiing!

  1. Sunscreen

Snow reflects an excessive amount of sunlight!  Although your body will be almost entirely covered with warm clothes, parts of your face might still be left exposed to the harsh sun rays.  Make sure to use sunscreen on your face before spending hours outdoors to avoid dealing with a nasty sunburn during the rest of your ski vacation.

  1. Protective Gear

Last but certainly not least, wear a helmet!  There are plenty of obstacles out on the ski slopes, like rocks, trees, and other people, and all skiers (beginners and experts alike) are at risk of taking a spill and becoming seriously injured.  Be safe and strap on a helmet!  For extra precautions, you can strap on knee and elbow pads as well.  Enjoy your ski vacation to the fullest by staying as safe and warm as possible!

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